6 Unexpected Ways Joining Clubs and Societies in College Can Boost Your College Experience

Looking for a fun-filled college experience? Here’s why joining clubs and societies can seal that deal for you! Read more here.

Published 25 Sep 2020

6 Unexpected Ways Joining Clubs and Societies in College Can Boost Your College Experience - Feature-Image

As a post SPM student venturing into college, you may think that a large chunk of your college experience will revolve around a pile of assignments, catching deadlines and being sleep deprived.

While we can only hope that our college life resembles the plot of ’90s and early 2000 college films, it’s actually possible to experience a fun-filled and wholesome student life on campus. And joining a student club or society is a ticket to get all that and more!

Whether you’re new to the college scene or not, you might want to start checking out the clubs and societies on campus because joining these activities reaps more benefits than you think — we’ll tell you how.

#1. Get a new circle of friends instantly

Reasons to Join Uni Clubs-New friends

Are you an introvert who finds socialising a tad bit too difficult? Or a new student who’s doing their level best to fit in? Well, joining a club or society is one way you can beat that social anxiety!

Being part of a club or society allows you to easily meet fresh faces and bond with others over shared interest. If you’re on pins and needles about striking up conversations, don’t worry — most organisations will have icebreakers. Not only will you secure friends for life through these clubs, but you will also discover that your friends have different talents and abilities you can learn from — perhaps even helping you ace your exams through study groups.

#2. Learn new and practical skills

Reasons to Join Uni Clubs-New practical skills

Joining clubs and societies means exposing yourself to a variety of news things — including ones you didn’t think you’d try. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, there’s no doubt that participating in sports, academic, cultural or one of the many clubs will have you develop new skills and hone them as you progress further.

To boot, taking part in student organisations will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about your abilities, goals and strengths. Being part of community events or donation drives hosted by your club can help you learn how you handle situations and solve tricky problems on the dot. Knowing what your fortes are will be beneficial for you in the future.

#3. Earn soft skills 

Reasons to Join Uni Clubs-Earn soft skills

When you spend most of your days surrounded by a busy schedule, solving technical problems and brainstorming ideas with a group of go-getters, you are bound to develop a set of soft skills, such as effective communication, positivity and strong work ethic. As you form new relationships with a diverse group of people, you’ll learn the best way to communicate and even gain emotional intelligence out of it.

The best part about working in a group is that you’ll know how to work best in a team. Having the ability to cooperate and collaborate with a diverse group of people will not only make your college days easier, but this skill is also necessary in any career field.

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#4. Get a taste of leadership 

Reasons to Join Uni Clubs-Leadership

Did you know that comedian Conan O’ Brien was the president of the Harvard University newspaper organisation? Or that the talented John Legend was the president of an a capella group in University of Pennsylvania? While these brilliant personas already have the aptitude for the creative arts, their university pursuits are still commended today.

Whether you’re an aspiring singer, politician or CEO, clubs and societies can provide you with the opportunity to take on leadership roles. Not only will the titles look stunning on your resume and CV, but having responsibilities entrusted to you will give you the confidence to overcome any challenges you face throughout college.

#5. Experience fun-filled travelling adventures

Reasons to Join Uni Clubs-Travelling adventures

If you’re picturing college life to be a series of road trips, you’ve hit a jackpot with this one! From cultural galas to volunteering trips, being part of a club provides you with the opportunity to travel with your peers.

While the main objectives of societies and clubs are to generate quality learning experience and to foster social networking, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this space to unwind. If you’re lucky, you might score a downtime rendezvous to the beach with the extra budget your club has collected!

#6. Get the opportunity to network

Reasons to Join Uni Clubs-Network

One of the best things about joining clubs and societies from your field of interest is having the opportunity to network. With all the community services, fundraisers and even professional panel discussions hosted by your club, you’re bound to meet with representatives from established organisations that you can seal a connection with!

These hosted events provide an excellent window of opportunity for you to seek internships or employment. Even better when you’re meeting professionals as passionate as you!

Trying to find your bearings in college as a new student can be terrifying. But by diving into clubs and societies that fit your interest and goals, you’ll be able to build lifelong relationships while gaining practical skills at the same time, making your college experience a holistic one.

Excited to start your college days? Well, you’ll want to avoid doing these things on your first day.

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