5 Fun Things at EduAdvisor’s Virtual Education Fair You Surely Don’t Want to Miss!

Thinking about attending the EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair? Check out these exciting activities in store for you!

Updated 12 May 2021

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If you haven’t heard, EduAdvisor’s Virtual Education Fair will be held this 9 - 13 March 2020.

But you may be wondering, what’s a virtual fair?

Well, you’ll be able to attend an education fair digitally. That means checking out university booths and speaking to university representatives about course options and available scholarships — all online without the problems of attending a traditional education fair (think parking woes, icky crowds and aggressive promoters).

Yup, that also means you can binge on your snacks in the comfort of your home while planning your future. That’s not all, you’ll also have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes by participating in the fair’s games and activities! Can we hear a hooray?

Keep reading to learn more about all the cool stuff you can do at EduAdvisor’s Virtual Education Fair!

#1. Register, interact and win! 

Things To Do At VEF 2019-Register interact win

Once you register for the EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair, you’ll be given the details to log in. You’ll then be able to accumulate points as you browse through the fair and explore its cool features.

Similar to digital games, the more you interact on the site — take a career test, answer our specially curated quizzes and trivia about the fair — the more points will be added to your account.

What can you do with these points, you ask?

Well, participants with the most points will win some fabulous prizes including scholarships Instax cameras and more.


 Click here to register early and get a head start!

#2. Download useful info

Things To Do At VEF 2019-Download useful info

Remember all those unnecessary handouts you used to get at regular education exhibitions? Well, now you don’t have to go through that.

With EduAdvisor’s virtual platform, you’ll be able to click and download your preferred documents (PDFs of brochures and flyers or even videos) from various institutions. It’s like online shopping, but for FREE.

#3. One-to-one live chats with counsellors

Things To Do At VEF 2019-One-to-one live chats

Wave goodbye to those over-excited aunties and uncles who may have cut your queue when you were lining up to speak to a counsellor.

With EduAdvisor’s Virtual Education Fair, you can easily chat online with counsellors or representatives from different colleges and universities — without stressing about the wait. So you’re free to ask as many questions as you want, anywhere and anytime via text, audio or even video!

And with everything being digital, you can also save the conversations you had as a reference for future use. Neat!

#4. Watch live webinars with industry professionals

Things To Do At VEF 2019-Watch live webinars

Want a closer look into your desired field of interest?

Aside from speaking to experienced programme counsellors, we’ve invited professionals of different backgrounds to share their sage advice on their field of expertise. Expect a broad range of topics on popular fields like medicine, law and pre-university. From success stories to taking a peak into the future, you don’t want to miss these illuminating education and career insights.

PS: If you’ve got a burning question to ask an expert, be sure to leave a comment during the webinar!

#5. Discover your destiny with our curated quizzes

Things To Do At VEF 2019-Discover your destiny with our curated quizzes

Are you still seeking for answers to your future? Or perhaps you need a nudge of affirmation to pursue your preferred course?

Well, find your answers at EduAdvisor’s Virtual Education Fair! Our specially designed career tests and fun personality quizzes will help you discover your personality type. Once you’ve developed a thorough understanding of yourself, you’ll be able to identify careers that suit you and make choices that match your strengths and abilities. Sounds like a good plan!

What’s more, these quizzes will contribute to your scores that’ll increase your chances of winning our awesome goodies.

With so many exciting features to be explored and cool prizes to be won, this is one education fair you don’t want to miss out on! So remember to register and lock the dates in your calendar — you might just be lucky enough to score yourself these amazing giveaways while discovering your ideal university at the same time.

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