15 Oct 2015

5 Biggest Myths About Animation [Infographic]

Some of the greatest movies today would never have seen the light of day without the hard work and talents of the animation and visual effects team behind them.

From animated cartoons like Toy Story 3 and How To Train Your Dragon to blockbuster movies like Iron Man and Jurassic World, animation has helped make vivid images come to life on the big screen!

Yet, there are SO many misconceptions surrounding the animation industry.

“There is no future for animators in Malaysia!”
“Isn’t animations for kids?”
“You’re using computers to draw — that’s easy! Why do you need to go to school for that?”

In this infographic, we debunk some of the biggest myths and misconceptions surrounding the animation industry in Malaysia!

Biggest Myths about Digital Animation-v1-01
Biggest Myths about Digital Animation-v1-02
Biggest Myths about Digital Animation-v1-03

Myths about Digital Animation-04

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