BMus (Hons) Classical Music

UCSI University

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Quick Facts


3 years


Full-time, On-campus


Jan, May, Sep

Tuition Fees


Course Structure

  • Choir 1-6 or Orchestra 1-6
  • Vocal Chamber Ensemble
  • Instrumental Chamber Ensemble
  • Recital Attendance 1-5
  • Masterclass Attendance 1-5
  • Music Theory 1-3
  • Introduction to Post-Tonal Harmony
  • Aural Skills 1-3
  • Malaysia Music
  • Writing in Music
  • Music Research Methodology
  • Music History 1-2
  • History Seminar
  • Principles of Teaching
  • Introduction to Music Technology
  • Live Sound
  • Introduction to Music Marketing
  • Music Business in Malaysia
  • Short Semester Major Instrument
  • Major Instrument 1-4
  • Minor Instrument 1-2 or Class Piano 1-2
  • Final Year Performance 1-2 or Final Year Research Project 1-2
  • Internship

Students are required to complete 14 credit hours from the selection:

  • English Diction
  • French Diction
  • German Diction
  • Italian Diction
  • Analysis
  • Counterpoint
  • Instrumentation
  • Piano Pedagogy 1-2
  • Vocal Pedagogy
  • String Pedagogy
  • Opera Workshop
  • Kodaly Method 1-2
  • Conducting Skills
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Piano Literature 1-2
  • Vocal Literature 1-2
  • String Quartet Literature
  • Performance Practices
  • Minor Instrument 3-4
  • Chamber Music Ensemble 1-2
  • World Music
  • Music and Film
  • Film Scoring
  • Song Writing
  • Jingle Writing
  • Introduction to Jazz Improvisation
  • Music Production Techniques
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Sequencing, Sampling and Synthesis
  • Introduction to Music Therapy
  • Music and the Brain
  • Psychology of Music
  • Rock Music History
  • Jazz Music History

Non Music Electives:

  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Basic Entrepreneurship

Entry Requirements

  • STPM: At least 2 principal passes with minimum CGPA of 2.0
  • A Level: minimum 2 D's
  • UEC: At least B grade in 5 subjects
  • UCSI Foundation Year/Foundation programs from other higher learning institutions/National Matriculation/Pre-U2 Singapore/Diploma (Level 4 KKM): Pass with minimum CGPA of 2.0
  • High/Secondary School Diploma (Grade 12)/Canadian Grade 12 - title following various districts in Canada/Canadian Pre-University (CPU)/Canadian International Matriculation (CIMP)/SAM/AUSMAT/SACE/TEE/HSC (NSW)/NTCE/WACE: Pass with a minimum of 60% Or,
  • Other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian government AND
  • Passed the music audition

Performance Audition (Auditions are conducted at least 1 month before the start of the semester)

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Memorization is strongly encouraged for scholarship application
  • 3 contemporary pieces of contrasting styles (preferably contemporary styles: jazz, pop, rock, Latin, popular styles, etc.)
  • The performance must demonstrate ability to improvise in the given style


  • String/woodwind/voice majors are required to bring along their own piano accompanist or request for one from the Institute. In this case, a fee will be charged. Contemporary music candidates may choose to use minus-one recordings to accompany their audition. Please bring your own laptop, tablet or other similar audio-playback device. The Institute will prepare a 1/8 - 1/8-inch audio connection.
  • Composition majors are required to submit a portfolio of compositions and pass the audition on a major instrument

Aural Diagnostic Test: Sight singing; repeating a rhythmic phrase from memory; singing in intervals, scale & trials.

Theory Diagnostic Test: Topics include intervals; scales and key signatures; triads & 7th chords and its inversions; roman numeral or lead sheet symbols analysis; time signatures, grouping of notes & rests and cadences.

  • MUET: Band 3
  • SPM English Language: Grade B+
  • SPM English Language 1119/O Level/IGCSE: Grade C
  • UEC English Language: Grade A2

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