Diploma in Digital Animation

The One Academy

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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3 years


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Jan, Apr, Aug

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Course Highlights

  • Ranked top 5 (for 2D animation) and top 20 (for 3D animation) amongst animation schools in the world on the prestigious Rookier Award 2021
  • Alumni includes Andrea Goh, the Technical Director at Pixar, and Wong Cheng Fei, Founder of Lemon Sky Studio
  • Won hundreds of Kancil Awards and dubbed as "Oscars" of Malaysian advertising industry
  • Honoured as 'Creative School of the Year' in 2018 and 2019 respectively

Course Structure

Figure Drawing & Concept Design:

  • To possess a good mastery of skills, a strong foundation is a must. Students need to master the foundation in art through practicing figure drawing and concept design. This will enhance their art senses, which will be applied to all other animation subjects. It is crucial to build a strong foundation before approaching to more advanced classes. In this area of study, students will learn about drawing appealing characters, pushing character poses, understanding forms and design, and learning about concept design for artworks.

Visual Storytelling:

  • Animation is a form of storytelling that utilizes different types of visuals to convey a narrative. Students will learn about storytelling through photography, storyboards, animatics, and filming to understand the basics of visual storytelling.

Specialization in Animation or Modelling:

  • Throughout the course of studies, students will need to choose their specialization between Animation or Modelling.
  • In Animation, students will learn how to make characters move by animating them in 2D and 3D. They will first master the 12 Animation Principles from our traditional 2D animation subject. Then, they will learn the fundamentals of animation in 3D and apply the 12 Animation Principles into 3D animations. The goal of animation is to bring characters to life, and by specializing in Animation, students will be able to create 3D characters with appealing poses and believable movements. Additionally, students will explore the art of storytelling and acting, delving deeper into these topics and eventually applying them to character animations that are believable and entertaining.
  • In Modelling, students will learn how to model objects and characters in 3D. They will apply knowledge from analysis of forms and designs, then translate the 2D concept art into 3D visuals. By mastering software like Autodesk Maya, Adobe Substance 3D Painter and Pixologic ZBrush, students will be able to articulate accurate forms, structures, and materials shading based on their references. They will gradually master the different aspects of 3D modelling - from creating rough blocking models, UV unwrap, applying accurate topology, polishing forms with details, texturing, and to create realistic shaders and lighting as they finish the 3D model with final touches. These skillsets are part of the look development process which students will be mastering in Specialization in Modelling, which will lead them to creating stunning 3D models.

Animation Short Film:

  • Towards the end of the course, students are required to work as a team to create an animated short film. They will be able to apply the knowledge and skillsets they have acquired across all the areas of study mentioned above to create an animated short film. Students will be working as a team, mastering soft skills such as leadership, communication, time management, work organization, work ethic, and many more to learn how to be a team player. Additionally, this project will provide a studio production experience under the guidance of lecturers, allowing students to experience how projects are done in a simulated studio scenario. As a result, students will be prepared and gain a basic understanding of how an animation production works in the industry.

Course Modules:

  • Design Fundamentals
  • Drawing
  • Advanced Drawing
  • Visual Communication
  • Approaches to Figure Drawing
  • Perspective Studies
  • Functional Drawing
  • Life Figure Drawing
  • Conceptual Art Development
  • Concept Art
  • Introduction to Photography
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Digital Video Creation
  • 3D Maya Essentials
  • Drawn Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Environment Modelling
  • Applied Practice in Animation & Modelling
  • Specialisation in Animation & Modelling
  • Introduction to Compositing to Editing
  • Studio for Animation & Modelling
  • Animation Short Film: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production

Liberal Art Courses:

  • Language & Communication Skills
  • History of Art & Design
  • Malaysian Studies
  • Business & Marketing
  • Survey of S.E.A. Art & Culture
  • Culture & Humanities


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Animation
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Substance 3D Painter
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Pixologic ZBrush
  • Marmoset Toolsbag
  • Marvelous Designer

Personal Development:

  • Sound Workshop
  • Rigging Workshop
  • Advanced Rigging Workshop
  • Lighting & Compositing Workshop
  • Team Building Activities

Entry Requirements

  • SPM: Pass with minimum 3 credits (3Cs) including a Pass in Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah
  • IGCSE/O Level: Pass with minimum 3 credits (3Cs)
  • UEC: Pass with minimum 3 credits (3Bs)
  • TOA's Certificate/Other Certificates: Pass The One Academy's Certificate in Communication Design OR Certificate from other Institutions of Higher Learning in related field with minimum CGPA 2.00
  • SKM: Pass Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Level 3 in art & design field (subject to internal assessment process)
  • Others: Other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government; AND
  • Pass Portfolio Review or Drawing Test conducted by The One Academy for candidate who does not have a Pass in Art subject or without an art subject at SPM level or its equivalent

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