Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine

Monash University Malaysia

Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia

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This course allows you to start your medical studies from day one and equips you with the knowledge, skills and attributes to begin your career as a medical practitioner. Monash deliver a world-class education by drawing on Monash's world-leading expertise in medical practice and research, and the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences' particular strengths in the cardiometabolic field, infection and immunity, global public health and neuroscience. With a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to medical training, this course is equivalent to that offered at Monash's Australian campus. The selection criteria, learning objectives and assessments are identical. The Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (BMedSci/MD) is a truly international degree that comes with the opportunity to study at one of the world's top medical schools and graduate with a qualification to practise medicine in Malaysia, Australia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Many of Monash's graduates have gone on to practise in Australia. Where you'll be: Your first two years are spent at the Monash Sunway campus where you quickly develop your clinical skills with contact visits to medical practices, community-care facilities and hospitals, and spend two weeks as a healthcare team member in a rural area. In years three to five, you're based at the Clinical School in Johor Bahru, where your clinical studies centre around the Sultanah Aminah Hospital. Your busy schedule of clinical rotations in year five, ahead of graduation, includes a placement in an Australian hospital. This course develops through four themes:

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Population, Society, Health and Illness
  • Scientific Basis of Clinical Practice
  • Clinical Skills

The areas of study covered include:

  • Molecules, Cells and Tissues
  • Human Development and Growth
  • Genomics
  • Musculoskeletal System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Respiratory System
  • Renal and Endocrine Systems
  • Gastrointestinal System
  • Neurosciences
  • Reproduction
  • Human Behaviour
  • Nutrition
  • Geriatrics
  • Immunology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Reflective Practice
  • Research and Statistics
  • Determinants of Health
  • Quality Assurance
  • Public Health and Population Health
  • Health Systems and Health Economics
  • Patient Safety
  • Communication Skills
  • Ethics and Law
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Professionalism

Entry Requirements

  • Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)*: 85%
  • A Level GCE: 14 points
  • ATAR: 95
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB Diploma Program): 36
  • STPM, Malaysia: 10.3 points
  • UEC, Malaysia: <=1.8
  • Program Matrikulasi (Matriculation Program), Malaysia: 3.7 points
  • Foundation in Science and Technology, Sunway College: 85%

The undergraduate entry requirements published are for students who commence the MUFY program in 2022.

Pre-university qualifications:

  • Satisfactory completion of an appropriate pre-university course is required. Results of pre-university studies must be available prior to commencement of the medicine course.
  • Chemistry at Year 12 is a pre-requisite requirement by Monash University and you'll need to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement in this subject.
  • Completion of Year 12 studies or relevant qualification within 2 years prior to the course commencement date.

All applicants who apply for the Medicine program in Malaysia are also required to fulfil the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) requirements in addition to the Monash Medicine entry requirements.

The MMC requirements include the following:

  • At Year 12 (Pre-university result e.g Matriculation, Foundation, Pre-Medical program, A Levels, STPM etc) students must have studied Biology, Chemistry and a third subject which can be either Physics or Maths.
  • At Year 11 (SPM or O Levels or its equivalent) students must have achieved a minimum of "B" in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths/Add Maths and one other subject. However, this Year 11 requirement does not apply if the Year 12 is A Levels or STPM.

International Student Admission Tests (ISAT):

  • You're required to undertake the International Student Admissions Test (ISAT). ISAT results will contribute towards the overall ranking for entry into the course.

Adequate performance in Multiple Mini-Interviews:

  • The Multiple Mini Interviews will be conducted in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Melbourne. Other interview sites may also be announced, so please check our website and with local agents. The interview format is designed to evaluate whether you possess the relevant personal qualities to succeed in the medicine course, and youâ��ll be assessed by trained interviewers. MMI stations will comprise a series of scenarios and associated questions focusing on your relevant personal qualities such as:
    • Motivation
    • Communication skills
    • Critical thinking
    • Ethical/empathetic reasoning

The MMI consists of four sequential interview stations. At each station, you'll be interviewed for eight minutes, followed by a two-minute changeover (i.e. 10 minutes per station), with a circuit that takes 40 minutes to complete. If you haven't been invited to participate, you cannot request for an interview.

Generally the MMI will be conducted in July and November each year and a formal email invitation will be sent to eligible applicants.

Sound English language skills are required for all academic programs at Monash. You can demonstrate your English language proficiency through one of the following:

  • Adequate score in Approved English subject at Year 11/Year 12 equivalent qualification, OR
  • English Proficiency Tests.

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