Yes, You Can Study Without Studying! Here's How.

Wonder if it's possible to study without studying? Here's how to do it effectively and get the results you want.

Published 26 Sep 2019

Yes, You Can Study Without Studying! Here's How. - Feature-Image

Let’s be real — studying for exams suck. There’s nothing more painful than sitting for hours on end trying to cram large volumes of information just to pass an exam.

But what if we told you that it’s possible to learn without actually studying?

Before you get too excited, we must warn you — there’s no silver bullet here. These are proper strategies that can reduce the time you spend reading and reviewing the material in your textbook, which can prove to be ineffective.

Wonder what these mysterious tips are? Find out more below!

#1. Enjoy the process of learning

Study Without Studying-Enjoy learning process

Do you worry more about your grades instead of thinking how to solve a maths problem?

To fully get on the "studying without studying" bandwagon, you need to stop thinking about scoring As and instead think about how you can apply the knowledge you’ve learnt to real-life situations. For instance, if you’re working on understanding forces and pressure, did you know that a pair of women’s heels can exert more pressure than an army tank?

It is much easier to retain the facts and information you studied if you truly enjoy the process of learning. So put aside your exams for once, have a curious mind and revel in the fact that you’re a walking source of knowledge!

#2. Watch related YouTube videos

Study Without Studying-Watch related YouTube videos

Before you get excited about the prospect of spending your study sessions binge-watching your favourite YouTuber's videos, remember that the key is to watch videos related to the subject you’re trying to learn.

Need a lengthier explanation on a difficult maths problem? Check out Numberphile. Getting bored by the dry paragraphs in your physics textbook? Watch a few videos from MinutePhysics. There’s also the inexhaustible knowledge source that is Khan Academy, so you really can get sucked into studying without studying the traditional way.

#3. Gamify learning

Study Without Studying-Gamify learning

Yes, knowledge should be the true reward of your education journey, but it's hard to keep up the optimism when you have a tonne of chapters to study and topics to review. To rejuvenate your interest in studying, turn it into a game!

By putting a gamification spin to those long hours, you'll make the process so much more enjoyable. Set goals and rewards when you get started on your study sessions, such as playing 15 minutes of video games or scrolling through your Instagram feed after you finish studying a chapter.

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#4. Attend all your classes

Study Without Studying-Attend all your classes

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the best way to study without studying is simply by attending all your classes. Sure, you may scoff and wonder how just being present will help with your studying but here’s the key — you have to be present both physically and mentally in class.

Having your brain switched on with an alert and open mind will be conducive to your learning abilities. Moreover, this will keep your attendance record in check and you won’t have to worry about being barred from any exams.

#5. Imagine you’re explaining something to someone younger than you

Study Without Studying-Explaining something to someone

Ever wondered why it seems like all the things you learnt seem to remain a foggy mess despite all your memorisation efforts? To properly understand what you're studying, pretend you have to explain the subject matter to your younger sibling. Better yet, if you do have younger siblings, have a go at actually explaining the concepts to them!

By saying what you've learnt out loud, you're putting your thoughts into words and processing the information you studied. Still can't explain what you've just learnt? This means you need to deepen your understanding.

#6. Get someone to quiz you

Study Without Studying-Get someone to quiz you

Now that you've done the hard work of slogging over your notes, it's time to quiz yourself.

This simple tactic is highly effective, as it tests your understanding of the information you’ve learnt. Get your best friend over for a study session, and after the two of you have sufficiently swotted over a chapter or two, settle yourself into gameshow mode and quiz each other about what you just learnt.

It's probably a little disappointing knowing that there aren't any shortcuts to life-long learning and studying — but by applying these realistic methods, you'll definitely be able to study without making the studying process a boring and difficult one. Here's to more productive study sessions that can earn you good grades!

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