Top Computer Science Fields You Should Know

Wondering what field in Computer Science you should go for? Here are some cool ones to explore. 

Updated 25 May 2022

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Computer science, in essence, is the study of computers and computing. It’s a vast field with unlimited potential. And with the world becoming increasingly digital, it is quickly becoming one of the most important fields of the future.

If you’re thinking of pursuing a study in the computer science field, here are some trending computer science specialisations to check out.

#1. Software engineering

One of the major fields in computer science, software engineering is focused on the development and maintenance of software systems for implementation on a large scale.

Your exact duty may vary but a software engineer’s main job is to develop and maintain software systems and programs, ensuring efficiency, security and scalability. Your creation can range from web applications, mobile apps, operating systems, network systems and many more.

With the world growing increasingly digital, the need for software engineers will only grow. So if you’re interested in working in the tech industry, software engineering is a great field to explore.

#2. Cybersecurity

The internet is not always a safe place. And security is not always as straightforward when it comes to the online world. Unlike a physical store, you can’t just hire a guard and hope everything will turn out well. This is where cybersecurity specialists come in.

Cybersecurity is focused on the protection and recovery of computer systems, networks, devices and programs from theft, damage or other forms of disruption. In short, it’s concerned with keeping systems safe and secure.

As a cybersecurity professional, your job will involve the identification of threats and vulnerabilities in systems and software. You will also apply your skills to help your clients develop and implement measures to defend themselves against hacking, ransomware and all types of cybercrime.

Cybersecurity professionals are important to any business that uses technology. If you’re looking for a fast-paced job in tech with high prospects, cybersecurity is a great place to start.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

BSc (Hons) in Computer Science

Dual-award degree – one from De Montfort University (UK) and one from APU

#3. Data science

In a world where almost everyone is online, data is the most precious resource. And whoever knows how to interpret and use it, controls all.

This is what data science is all about — using scientific methods and processes to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.

Since everything you do online can be translated into data, data science reads that data and provides insight into who you are — for instance, what you like, what stage you are in your life (e.g. recently graduated) and what you’re currently looking to purchase. This helps companies and brands create products and services that can appeal to users.

It sounds fancy and a bit unrealistic but data science is already here. You can find it in your music app, streaming service and even your favourite football team. From recommendations and targeted ads to matching you with the nearest Grab driver, it has shaped your online experience and there’s really no escaping it.

As data science is a relatively new field, Malaysia is still short on data professionals. So if numbers are your jam and you’re interested in a career in tech, data science is the perfect place to go.

#4. Artificial intelligence

For some, the term artificial intelligence may conjure up images of superhero flicks like Iron Man or sci-fi fantasies such as I, Robot. However, that technology is a lot closer to reality than you may think.

The field of artificial intelligence is concerned with the research and development of intelligent machines that can mimic human cognitive functions. It’s the next big thing in tech and it’s a trend you don’t want to miss out on.

AI professionals work with various fields of knowledge including software engineering, natural language processing and data science. On top of an analytical brain, you will need a good understanding of computing concepts and practices to go into the field.

No field better embodies the future than AI. Its applications are wide as it is diverse. In finance, high-frequency trading is being done through artificial intelligence; in transport, Spain has launched Europe's first driverless electric bus; and even in your phone, you can find maps and navigation apps enhanced by machine learning.

In short, AI is here and it’s here to stay. If you’re looking for a pathway to the future, then AI is the field for you.

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#5. Game design and development

If you love video games and have always wanted to develop one, consider specialising in game design and development.

With computer science at its core, the game design and development field is a multidisciplinary field focused on the development of video games from start to finish. In this field, you will be utilising a variety of skills to design characters, create assets, code games and many more.

While creativity is important in this field, you also need to have strong technical and digital skills. From story and world building to game mechanics, the games you create should not only be functional but also enjoyable.

Malaysia is still far from becoming a game development hub. However, more and more game companies are looking to Malaysia for its talent and low production cost. This makes it a very interesting field.

If you want to be part of this cool industry, you can start with a degree in computer science with a specialisation in game design and development.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

BSc (Hons) in Computer Science

Dual-award degree – one from De Montfort University (UK) and one from APU

#6. Robotics

Want to create your own Baymax? Believe it or not, robots are no longer a mere fiction of the future.

The robotics field is a multidisciplinary field that combines mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics and computer science. A relatively new field, it is concerned with the research and development of robots for a variety of uses.

It’s easy to feel intimidated by the fact that robots might take over our jobs. But there’s no stopping progress. Even today, companies are starting to turn to automation and machines for their businesses — think delivery drones, smart agriculture sensors to monitor crops and self-driving cars. As the world moves further towards the future, robotics will only continue to grow in significance.

So, instead of lamenting the day when your job will be taken over by robots, why not get a head start and join the field of robotics? Someone has to design the robots after all.

#7. Bioinformatics

Do you dream of a more sophisticated healthcare system?

Bioinformatics combines information technology and biology to create systems and programs that can study large columns of biological data. The data is then organised, stored and studied for a variety of purposes.

It’s an exciting field with a lot of potential. Bioinformatics is integral to the future of healthcare and medicine. Through the use of technology, scientists and doctors can work even more efficiently, consequently leading to a higher quality of life for everyone.

If you’re looking to play an active role in healthcare through technology, you can start with a specialisation in bioinformatics.

We’ve barely scratched the surface with computer science. As we become more reliant on computers and technology, the need for professionals in this industry will only increase.

If you’re wondering how you can stay relevant for the rapidly changing world of the future, here’s a cheat for you — study computer science.

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