The Deadly Pandemics That Affected Humanity

How many pandemics have we survived? Check out these 7 deadly outbreaks that mankind has braved over the years.

Updated 24 Jun 2020

The Deadly Pandemics That Affected Humanity - Feature-Image

As civilisations spread all over the world and evolve through the years, so have infectious diseases and viruses. Even in our modern world with advanced technology, outbreaks are constantly happening. Unfortunately, this is one toxic friend we can’t shake off!

Following the COVID-19 outbreak that is making its mark in 2020, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at the historical timeline of some of the deadly pandemics that we have fortunately survived from.

Deadly Pandemics Final-Infographic

(Illustration by Leong Shu Man)

Mankind has certainly braved a number of pandemics over the years. And thanks to modern-day technology, highly-skilled bioscientists and the care of medical practitioners, we will continue to combat these diseases with medicine and vaccines. As regular citizens, we too can help by practising good hygiene and consuming a healthy diet to keep sickness at bay!

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