Study Smarter for SPM With Our Free EduAdvisor Study Pack

Not in the mood to study yet? Let us help you get started with this useful study pack, specially designed to help you be better prepared for your exams.

Updated 09 Feb 2022

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It’s that time of the year where students are walking around with books in their hands and pencils tucked in the ears. The tension is rising. You see your fellow mates frantically trying to catch up on the subjects they have yet to fully understand. Your conversations with friends have turned from “Which latest movie have you watched?” to “Which practice book have you completed?”

Looking at your peers, it seems as though you are not as anxious as you should be and you’re wondering if you’re truly prepared.

Don’t fret yet! We’ve created the ideal study pack to help you be fully prepared for your SPM exams. All you gotta do is hit download the button!

#1. Weekly planner

Study Smart Version 2-Weekly

Use this EduAdvisor Weekly Planner to jot down your study plans for the week! Try to plan at least 2 weeks ahead to make sure you have ample time for all your subjects. We have also dedicated a “Pending” box to list tasks that are to-be-completed so you don’t miss anything!

#2. Daily planner

Study Smart-Daily Version2

This EduAdvisor Daily Planner is where you should plan your daily activities by first filling in the hours you have school or extra classes. Then, you can schedule the optimal time for you to revise study material or practise past-year papers. List down your priority on the top right and be sure to get it done by day’s end.

PS: We’ve also included a “Quote of the day” section to keep you motivated!

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#3. Cheat sheet

Study Smart Version 2-Cheat Sheet

Use this EduAdvisor Cheat Sheet before and after you have revised. Write down the main topics for the subject and the key points you should cover for each one.

Read and browse through the sheets before the big day and treat it as a checklist to determine if you have covered the topics thoroughly. You can also print another sheet and test yourself by filling out the blanks.

#4. Flashcards

Study Smart Version 2-Flashcards

With these EduAdvisor Flashcards (Horizontal) and EduAdvisor Flashcards (Vertical), you can create questions and write down the answers on each card. Then, when you’re done studying, test yourself. You can also do this with a friend or get your siblings to help you out!

We’ve curated 2 sets of flashcards for you to utilise — one for horizontal illustrations (e.g. mind maps, graphs) and another for the vertical illustrations (e.g. human anatomy diagrams).

All fired up to get started? Click here to download the entire EduAdvisor study pack!

We hope these awesome exam prep goodies will motivate you to study and help you be better prepared for the all-important SPM exams. Remember, the key is to always plan ahead and stick through it so that you’re on the right track. So go on and start revising before it’s too late!

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