Students Explore Fascinating Questions About the Human Mind at HELP’s Psychology Convention 2017

Over 400 secondary school students explored fascinating questions about the human mind and behaviour at HELP's Psychology Convention 2017. Find out about what went on.

Updated 28 Jul 2017

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Why are you more likely to engage in criminal activity in a group than if you are alone? How hard (or easy) do you think it is for others to manipulate your memories? And is your brain’s frontal lobe the culprit behind your risky teenage behaviour?

These were just some of the fascinating questions explored during HELP University's Psychology Convention held on 22 July 2017, which saw an attendance of over 400 secondary students. In addition to giving students a taste of what psychology is about, students also had the opportunity to win exciting scholarships by participating in the Psychology Challenge.


To kickstart the convention, the Dean of HELP University’s Department of Psychology, Dr. Goh Chee Leong, began with a rousing keynote speech, addressing the misconception that psychology is merely about counselling patients on a sofa or working with crazy people. The truth is, psychology encompasses a wide array of fields, from social and cognitive psychology to neuro and even forensic psychology, all with practical applications to various careers.


Following Dr Goh’s address, notable lecturers from HELP University took the stage to share riveting insights into the human mind and behaviour. Smaller workshops were also held around the campus, covering a number of psychology topics including anxiety, positive psychology and emotional intelligence.

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In between the buzz of all the talks, workshops and the Psychology Challenge, attendees could also participate in over 50 interactive games organised HELP University's psychology students. This allowed attendees to dive deeper into the various areas of psychology.


The event culminated with the announcement of the winners of the Psychology Challenge, with Ng Han Xiang from SMK Kota Kemuning walking away with a full scholarship worth RM90,000.

(Image credit: HELP Psychology Convention and Noah L Photography)

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