Navigate Your Way to the Future With University of Nottingham Malaysia’s FASStrack Navigator This 4 April 2022

Navigate your future in the art and social science field with Nottingham Malaysia’s FASStrack Navigator, happening from 4 April 2022.

Updated 23 Jun 2022

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The field of arts and social sciences is often overshadowed by its STEM counterpart. But did you know about the vast opportunities that await you there?

Starting on 4 April 2022, let the University of Nottingham Malaysia guide you in your exploration of the vast and exciting world of arts and social sciences. Brought to you by the university’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, navigate the field and explore your interests, listen to sharing sessions and discover career opportunities at FASStrack Navigator.

Interested? Keep on reading to find out more.

When and where?

Date: 4 – 8 April 2022

Time: 2pm – 6pm

Venue: It’s happening online so you can attend it from wherever you are. Register here.

Why should you attend?

There’s a lot waiting for you at the event. You can:

  • Explore the world of Arts and Social Sciences at the Nottingham virtual booth where you can participate in interactive activities, tour the halls and experience the multicultural learning environment.
  • Participate in the interactive Taster Workshops to test out your creativity, nurture your skills and experience the Nottingham way of learning.
  • Tune in to the live Career Exploration talk sessions and join Nottingham’s alumni and industry partners in their sharing sessions to gain insights into various career opportunities in the social sciences fields
  • Stand a chance to win cash prizes when you join the poster competition


Virtual Booth Time Topic
Self-Discovery 2pm – 3pm Priming the self for higher education
3pm – 4pm Life skills to master before entering university
Taster Workshop 3pm – 4pm TESOL Methodology 101
Career Exploration 4pm – 5pm Exploring careers in Economics
Student Experience 5pm – 6pm School of Economics: Student experience sharing session
Virtual Booth Time Topic
Self-Discovery 2pm – 3pm Factors to consider when choosing a course and university
Taster Workshop 3pm – 4pm Unlocking Stories in 30 minutes
Career Exploration 4pm – 5pm Thriving in the media industry
Student Experience 5pm – 6pm Making Memeningful Impact: A crash course on Meme Studies
Virtual Booth Time Topic
Self-Discovery 2pm – 3pm Managing self, managing time
Taster Workshop 3pm – 4pm How to build a diversified investment portfolio — live from Nottingham’s purpose-built NUBS Financial Trading Room
Career Exploration 4pm – 5pm Embarking on a career as a teacher
Student Experience 5pm – 6pm School of Education: Undergraduate students’ experiences
Virtual Booth Time Topic
Self-Discovery 2pm – 3pm Careers in Accounting: How to get there?
Taster Workshop 3pm – 4pm Sneak peek of Economics degrees
Career Exploration 4pm – 5pm NUBS Malaysia: Meet our industry partner — SAS Malaysia
Student Experience 5pm – 6pm Vlog Student videos
Virtual Booth Time Topic
Self-Discovery 2pm – 3pm Helping you cope
Taster Workshop 3pm – 4pm Creativity and creative thinking
Career Exploration 4pm – 5pm Careers in Applied Psychology
Student Experience 5pm – 6pm Experiential Learning — My Business School journey

There are plenty of activities for you to explore. So make sure to register your interest now at the FASStrack Navigator event page.

Start navigating your future with Nottingham Malaysia here.

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