1 Feb 2018

IPAC Education Students Honoured for Their Outstanding Achievements in 3 Professional Accounting Exams at an Awards Ceremony

Outstanding students from INTEC Education College’s Professional Accountancy Centre, IPAC Education, were recently honoured by the Malaysian Professional Accountancy Centre (MyPAC) for their exceptional achievements in 3 professional accounting exams during a ceremony at INTEC.

Held on 29 January 2018, the event saw these World Prize Winners receiving certificates of achievement for ranking first in Malaysia and first to eighth in the world in the Certificate of Accounting (CAT), Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and Certificate in Finance and Business (CFAB) exams.

Speaking at a press conference after the ceremony, UiTM Private Education Sdn Bhd chairman Professor Sr Ir Dr Suhaimi Abd Talib attributed their student’s success to the dedication and hard work of INTEC’s lecturers and the strategic alliances forged by the management.

He added that “today has proven that given the right environment, the right opportunity and encouragement, the sky’s the limit”.

IPAC Education’s consistent ability to produce high-achievers and students with passing rates of 30% above the world average recently culminated in their achievement of ACCA’s Platinum Approved Learning Partner status within 2 years of its inception. INTEC CEO Professor Dr Yamin Yassin noted that this is the fastest any institution has received platinum status in the country.

Heartiest congratulations to INTEC, IPAC Education and the World Prize winners for their outstanding achievements!

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