HELP University Is Arming Its IT Students With Industrial Experience to Help Them Stay Ahead of the Game

Gain relevant industrial experience when you study HELP University’s Bachelor of Information Technology programme. Find out more here.

Updated 23 Mar 2018

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If you’re looking to enjoy a holistic education that blends classroom learning with industrial experience, look no further than HELP University!

The university’s Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology has introduced a new learning component to its Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) course, blending 2 years of classroom-based learning with 1 year of industrial experience (2U1i), or also known as the work-based learning (WBL) component.

During the programme, students will gain useful industrial experience and complete their final year academic subjects simultaneously, with classes scheduled to fit the WBL programme.

According to HELP University Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology dean Dr Sien Ven Yu, the WBL component bridges the gap between classroom experience and real-world learning, helping students to develop the skills needed to keep up with the industry’s demands.

Dr Sien added that “technology is constantly evolving and changing, and whatever is taught in the classroom needs to be constantly updated to match industry standards”.

As part of their wholesome curriculum, the Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology has also partnered with industry experts to equip students with the edge required to compete in the workforce.

Why should you apply for HELP’s BIT Course?

  • Gain industrial experience while studying
  • Develop the technical skills needed to give you an edge in the workforce
  • Sharpen your soft skills, such as conflict management, problem-solving and teamwork

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