Have You Been Rejected From the Course of Your Dreams? There's Still Hope.

Didn’t get the course that you wanted for university? Chin up — all is not lost. Read on for ways to resolve this unfortunate dilemma.

Updated 14 Jun 2019

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So, you’re eager to launch yourself into the most exciting years of your life — university! All your life, you’ve had your eyes set on pursuing a particular degree course that will catapult you to the career of your dreams.

But there’s just one problem — you don’t meet the entry requirements.

What should you do? Chin up because all is not lost. Read on for some ways to deal with the situation if a university has rejected you for a course.

#1. Consider another university

Not Getting The Course You Wanted-Consider another university

First, check if you still meet the minimum entry requirements set by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). If you do, chances are you should still be able to find an institution with lower entry requirements.

We know, it sucks that you can’t study at the university you’ve always dreamed of. You may have even imagined yourself as a student there, walking happily to class with your newfound friends.

But going to another university may not be such a bad thing after all. Take this opportunity to start evaluating other institutions and think about the positives. Who knows, it may be for the better. Moreover, once you’ve completed a few semesters, you still have the option to transfer to your dream university later on.

#2. Think about pursuing similar courses

Not Getting The Course You Wanted-Pursue similar courses

If you don’t meet the minimum entry requirements for a particular degree (e.g. BBB in A-Level for a Medical Degree), it’s not the end of the world. You can still consider taking similar courses and make your mark in a different way.

Take Medicine for instance. There are plenty of healthcare and medicine-related courses with less stringent entry requirements that you can pursue. Courses such as nursing, medical laboratory technology and medical imaging are some of the options you can consider. That way, you can still contribute and be a part of the healthcare field.

#3. Take a lower level of qualification first

Not Getting The Course You Wanted-Take a lower level of qualification

Hold your head up high — you've still got a chance to pursue your dream course even if your grades missed the mark. One of the ways is to pursue a diploma, certificate or Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) first as they have lower entry requirements. Thereafter, you can work your way up to a higher qualification.

For example, if you messed up your STPM and can’t qualify for a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, you can consider taking a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering instead. Once you’ve successfully completed your diploma, you can enrol for a degree. It may take longer for you to become an engineer but it’s worth the effort if you want to achieve your goal.

Moreover, certificates and diplomas have the advantage of equipping you with practical and industry-specific skills. This will be beneficial to you later on when you enter the workforce.

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#4. Pursue a qualification overseas

Not Getting The Course You Wanted-Study abroad

Perhaps the restriction to enrolling in your dream course is a ruling that’s set by the Malaysian government and isn’t related to your competency for the programme. An example could be that you have the sufficient grades for a course but just can’t pass that dreaded SPM Sejarah paper.

A path you can consider is to further your education abroad. Depending on the institution, they may only look at the subjects that are relevant to the course that you are applying for and pay no attention to subjects such as Sejarah and Bahasa Melayu.

#5. Speak to our education advisors

Not Getting The Course You Wanted-Speak to an advisor

Still in the dark about your next step for college? Instead of flailing about thinking of your impending doom, keep calm and contact us at EduAdvisor. Our experienced advisors will take you under their wing and answer every question you have about your education prospects.

From offering reliable course recommendations to matching you to the best college based on your criteria and academic results, getting help from our advisors is the best step you can take. All you need to do is tell us what's important to you regarding your education plans and we'll take care of the rest!

As you can see, all hope is not lost if you didn’t get into the course you wanted to study. While it’s a little sad to bid farewell to your dream course, you may end up in a career that you unexpectedly love or one that could lead you back to your original dream if you work hard enough. All the best!

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