Flying All the Way to Cambridge and Oxford with an A Level Education from Taylor’s College

No global pandemic is stopping these students from achieving their Oxbridge dreams. Find out how Taylor’s College brought them to these prestigious universities.

Updated 27 Apr 2022

Flying All the Way to Oxford With Taylor's A Levels - Feature-Image

No amount of planning could have predicted 2020. Weathering a global pandemic, many students have had to adjust their plans as countries and universities go into lockdown. However, this did not stop these fellow Taylor’s Cambridge A Level (CAL) students from chasing their Oxbridge dreams.

Taylors CAL Achievement 2020-Teoh Yun Xin

Teoh Yun Xin, who has been offered a place to read Law in the University of Cambridge, credits her lecturer for instilling her love in Mathematics and subsequently boosting her grades.

“I have always been only average in Mathematics,” revealed Teoh. “But props to Mr Lai who made Maths my best subject in the end. He made understanding core and fundamental concepts easy. I found all my subjects enjoyable, but my interest from Math went from 0 to 100 real fast.”

Teoh also credited him for helping her gain admission to the exclusive Oxbridge institution. “He reviewed my personal statement, and wrote a testimonial for my university applications as well as the reference for my scholarship application. I wouldn’t have gotten my scholarship or gotten into the University of Cambridge without him.”

Taylors CAL Achievement 2020-Kuberan

Coursemate Kuberan Hansrajh Kumaresan also attributes his success to his excellent lecturers. “They constantly went out of their way to ensure that I grasped concepts that were initially rather challenging for me, even if this meant sacrificing their precious lunch hours.”

Kuberan, who will be reading Law in the University of Oxford, also noted the importance of the infrastructure in supporting the students. He specifically singled out Taylor’s University Placement Services (UPS) team for helping him significantly in his application to universities.

“UPS and the faculty office helped us with whatever concerns we had and always organised talks for us to learn more. They are also very efficient when it comes to solving problems for students,” said Kuberan. For Teoh, the UPS team, who had helped her prepare for the selection interviews, was a godsend.

According to campus director, Josephine Tan, the UPS has helped many students get into prestigious universities globally. With over 200 articulation partners in 34 countries, Taylor’s College has successfully sent all of its 24 A Level students in the 2019 batch, including Teoh and Kuberan to top institutions like the Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, and University of Edinburgh.

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