Building a Super Future With a Strong Foundation at Taylor’s College

Mastering the fundamentals is important. Hear out these students as they talk about the impact a Taylor’s Foundation has on their education.

Updated 27 Apr 2022

Building a Super Future With a Foundation at Taylor’s College - Feature-Image

When it comes to tertiary education, the importance of a solid foundation as a stepping stone to an undergraduate degree is undeniable. At Taylor’s College, you can start building your pathway through a range of top-quality pre-university courses, including the Taylor’s Foundation.

With 8 different Foundation programmes to choose from, you don’t have to worry about missing out. For those with a clear study interest, the Foundation in Engineering, Communications, Computing, Business, Design, and Natural & Built Environments programmes can get you acquainted with the respective fields.

If you’re still unsure, fret not. Taylor’s Foundation in Arts and Foundation in Science are specifically designed to give you access to a wide variety of fields that might attract your interest while providing you with the necessary foundation for your undergraduate years, whether it’s science, psychology, education or communication.

A variety of learning units to explore

Taylors Foundation-A variety of learning unit 02

Kimanda Wang Lin Ling, former Foundation in Arts student, felt that the Foundation programme allowed her to experiment and discover herself. “The options gave students an opportunity to explore different subjects and identify which areas would interest us most.”

This sentiment was echoed by Sajiya Mir from Taylor’s Foundation in Design. “I was exposed to a variety of modules,” she said. This and the opportunity to experiment with her skills helped her evolve as a designer. “I managed to develop my creative endurance to be able to work on designs hours at a time.”

Taylor’s Foundation programmes are also designed to help students find their passion. Ng Yi Wen from Taylor’s Foundation in Science had much to say about this. “My introduction to the world of science was nothing short of remarkable,” she said. “It made me certain that I was in the correct field and know what I wanted to do in the future.”

Great lecturers pave the way

Taylors Foundation-Great lecturers

Good curriculum design alone is not enough. The students also credited their lecturers in helping them develop and grow.

In a time where learning is made harder thanks to the pandemic, Sajiya had nothing but praises for her dedicated lecturers. “My lecturers were truly very kind and encouraging towards my progress in class,” she said.

“This was apparent [when] we had to adjust to online classes and tutorials. I was anticipating some changes, but my lecturers maintained the same level of support for me and my classmates. It was due to their support that I have seen so much growth in myself in just a year.”

Yi Wen also credited her lecturers for opening her eyes to the wonders of science. “My lecturers were creative in their teaching methods, using effective techniques like the memory palace and storytelling to help me remember my study material.”

Pathway to international education

Taylors Foundation-Pathway to international education

Enrolled Foundation students not only get top-quality education, they can also use their transcript to apply to international universities worldwide. The Taylor’s University Placement Services (UPS) Advisors can help you apply to over 200 institutions in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

This was partly what drove Yi Wen to enrol in Taylor’s in the first place. “There are plenty of exciting opportunities for research overseas. My plan is to transfer credits to an international university, to complete my degree.”

Empower your passion and start building your own solid foundation when you apply for Taylor’s Foundation programmes today.

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