Best Foundation Programme in Malaysia? Here's Why IMU Has What You Need.

Want a career in science? Here’s why a Foundation in Science by IMU will give you the head start you need.

Updated 23 Feb 2022

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Are you set to tread on a career path in the field of medicine and health sciences? Do you have a noble passion to treat the sick and disabled? Or perhaps you have a love for carrying out exciting experiments while working in the pristine setting of a laboratory.

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, a Foundation in Science programme is your best bet for a speedy route to a medical or health sciences profession. And there is no other programme quite like the Foundation in Science from Malaysia’s leading private university in medicine and health sciences — the International Medical University (IMU).

Want to know why? Read below as we share 5 solid reasons why you should pursue IMU’s Foundation in Science!

#1. Local programme with international standards

IMU- Best Foundation Programmes in Malaysia-Local programme with international standards

Taking charge of your tertiary education is a big and scary step, but with a quality curriculum benchmarked to meet international standards, you can be assured that you’re in good hands.

As Malaysia’s most established medical and healthcare university, IMU’s Foundation in Science not only gives you direct access to their prestigious degrees but it’s also recognised by many of its international partner universities. This makes your dream of studying abroad merely a foundation programme away!

Prefer to stay closer to home? Not to worry. The Foundation in Science programme provides entry to all IMU degree programmes from which you can later credit transfer to any of IMU’s prestigious partner universities, including the Australian National University (ANU) and University of Sydney, Australia; University of Glasgow and University of Exeter, United Kingdom; and University of Otago, New Zealand if you wish.

This provides a strong academic base for your chosen studies abroad before you leave Malaysia.

#2. Get preferred entry into IMU’s prestigious degrees

IMU- Best Foundation Programmes in Malaysia-Get preferred entry into IMUs prestigious degrees

We all know how difficult it can be to get into a medicine or dentistry programme.

Here’s a little secret — IMU’s Foundation in Science will provide you with “preferred enrolment” into their degrees. What this means is that when you enrol for their Foundation in Science, you will receive a conditional offer to their undergraduate programmes. Upon meeting the entry requirements and prerequisites, you’ll be given preferred entry (oh yes!).

Not only that, the application fees for certain programmes will also be waived!

#3. Study under the wings of IMU’s outstanding faculty

IMU- Best Foundation Programmes in Malaysia-Study under the wings of IMUs outstanding faculty

The academic members of IMU are renowned academicians with international reputation who have extensive experience in teaching, research and clinical practice under their belts. They have also worked alongside the government and industry worldwide. This means you’ll be under the guidance of knowledgeable lecturers who know the ropes of the medical and health science industry!

That’s not all — senior faculty members of IMU’s partner universities perform annual reviews for quality assurance to preserve IMU’s high standards. With the dedicated academic members coupled with IMU’s genuine core values, you can rest knowing that you’ll become a proficient, competent and caring medical and healthcare expert. So, don’t sweat it!

#4. Kickstart your medical studies with the best healthcare facilities in the country

IMU- Best Foundation Programmes in Malaysia-The best healthcare facilities in the country

As students of IMU, you will gain exclusive access to top-notch university facilities in Malaysia — guaranteed to make your peers green with envy!

If mixing chemicals in labs fascinates you, you should know that the main IMU campus at Bukit Jalil boasts well-equipped laboratories for various medical fields. Among them are dental labs for students to perform treatment procedures on patient simulators, a nutrition and dietetics lab, research labs and multi-disciplinary labs for medicine, dentistry, nursing and other health sciences.

IMU’s Skills Centre is also furnished with a chiropractor practical room, a Chinese medicine dispensary and even an Open Ward designed to simulate an actual clinical unit for nursing students to care for patients. That’s on top of their 45 classrooms and 2 briefing rooms!

Wait, there’s more. Another of IMU’s greatest perks is having a university clinic and healthcare centre which provides medical and dental services, psychological, nutritional and dietary advice and counselling — all within its campus. They weren’t kidding about being the top in Malaysia!

#5. Get the best medical education experience beyond textbooks

IMU- Best Foundation Programmes in Malaysia-Best medical education experience beyond textbooks

Contrary to popular belief, medical students don’t always bury their noses in books, 24/7. You’ll have to do more than eat, sleep, study and sleep to broaden your learning horizon!

IMU’s Foundation in Science features a cool component called Cross Boundary Studies where you will be given the opportunity to identify and solve real-life issues. The programme is curated to help young talents develop vital interpersonal skills by stretching your creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills while cultivating your communication and team working abilities!

In addition, IMU’s students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities to discover their interest in a specific field of science. You’ll even have out-of-classroom activities and opportunities to be part of impactful projects that can change lives such as IMU’s Project Connected 2019 that reached out to communities in need in Medan, Indonesia. Now that’s what you call a holistic education!

With so many advantages that IMU has to offer, it’s no wonder that the university is the ultimate choice for many medical and health sciences students. Be sure to evaluate your options carefully as picking the right pre-university is essential for a smooth transition to your degree!

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