Be Career Ready with APU’s New Dual Accredited Degree Programme with Chartered Management Institute

The industry is calling for agile and future-oriented business leaders. Learn how APU’s new collaboration with CMI can strengthen your resume.

Published 08 Jul 2022

Be Career Ready with APU’s New Dual Accredited Degree Programme with Chartered Management Institute - Feature-Image

The rise of disruptive technologies and automation such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data has called for business leaders and managers to upskill themselves by developing agility and a strong portfolio of future-oriented and change-ready skills.

In tandem with this, the internationally recognised UK-based professional institution for management, Chartered Management Institute (CMI), is integrating a continuous personal development plan in tertiary education to unleash students' potential and allow them to become managers and leaders identified by their Chartered status.


Chartered Manager (CMgr) is the highest professional status that can be achieved in Management and Leadership. The process of becoming an agile, future-oriented Chartered Manager, demonstrating managerial competence and functional ability with a strong portfolio of change-ready skills, can begin early at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

APU’s collaboration with CMI to produce successful Chartered Managers


To ensure that its graduates are future-oriented, change-ready and highly sought-after, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) has partnered with CMI to accredit all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes from APU’s School of Business as well as several managerial programmes across other Schools.

This means that students who graduate from a programme with APU-CMI Dual Certification are able to gain a CMI qualification to complement their university qualification. “CMgr” is a status recognised across business sectors as a testament to their theoretical understanding and practical skills gained through a business degree.

Upon signing up for the APU-CMI Dual Certification programme, students will become CMI Affiliate Members for the duration of their course. They’ll benefit from a wide range of resources to enhance knowledge and understanding, which includes access to CMI’s Online Learning Portal, Career Development Centre and Mentoring Service.

“For the duration of their undergraduate or postgraduate studies here, CMI membership will not only support APU student’s studies but also their professional development through a wide range of online resources and activities,” stated Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jason Turner, APU’s School of Business Senior Head.

The CMI’s Online Learning Portal has over 23,000 journal articles, e-books, and practical digital resources to enhance student’s learning experience, whereas the Online Career Development Centre provides students with free CV reviews, virtual interview training, online skills development along with access to thousands of jobs and internships.

As for the Mentoring Services, students can be connected with over 170,000 CMI members through events, webinars and social channels to support their career developments and help them to stand out to employers.

More importantly, studying programmes under the APU-CMI certification doesn’t extend the study duration. This is because APU management-related courses map directly to CMI’s modules. Therefore, students will gain additional insights for a clear career differentiator upon graduation and immediately boost their employability.

For other undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, modules will also be paired with a CMI qualification depending on the mapping to the required module — CMI L5 Award in Management and Leadership, CMI L5 Certificate in Management and Leadership, CMI L7 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice, CMI L7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice, CMI L7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice.

Upon graduation, students will receive a Foundation Chartered Manager status or an “fCMgr” credential. Thereafter, they’ll need to undergo 3 years of management experience before completing a professional development (CPD) and a Chartered Manager assessment. Subsequently, they will be able to achieve the Chartered Manager status.

It is worth noting that students with a CMI qualification of Level 5 Diploma and above can fast-track to a Chartered Manager status after completing 3 years of relevant management experience. Those with management experience of 10 years or more can be elevated to CMI Fellowship status.

At CMI, the major membership classes are “Member”, “Fellow”, with the most senior grade being “Companion”.

Producing in-demand graduates


Based on CMI’s employability skills, 97% of employers agree that skills such as self-managing, critical analysis and problem solving, communication, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, collaborative working, managing projects and changes, managing resources and business acumen, are what prepare graduates in the workplace. In addition, 89% of graduates agree that the CMI Dual Accreditation has helped them enhance their employability skills.

"This course has been a challenge that I have enjoyed. I was drawn to CMI’s level 7 diploma, because of its international recognition and value. I am keen to work towards Chartered Manager status as I can see that it will have real benefits in helping me position myself successfully in the overseas market,” said APU student Komathi, who is working towards a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

“Engaging with the CMI provides students with the opportunity to, as aptly put by the CMI themselves, learn, develop and connect. Building a relationship with the CMI while studying a business and management degree starts a student on a career journey of continuous learning, personal self-reflection, development and networking with fellow students, business contacts and professionals. Starting this relationship early shapes a student’s career and engenders an employability skill set which sets those students apart in the employment market,” concluded Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jason Turner.

At APU, students will also have the option to opt-in for the APU-DMU Dual Degree Scheme, where they will receive two sets of degree certificates and transcripts upon graduation — one from Asia Pacific University (APU), Malaysia, and another from De Montfort University (DMU), UK.

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