Celebrating STEM Communication: APU Wins Runner-Up in FameLab Malaysia 2023

APU students show how complex science concepts can be explained in an engaging and accessible manner.

Published 07 Nov 2023


In a remarkable display of talent and communication prowess, students from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) made a distinct mark at the FameLab Malaysia 2023 national finals. Among the impressive participants, Ejjaz Hakimi Mohamad Azan emerged as the standout performer, securing the runner-up position. 

FameLab Malaysia 2023, organised by the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), is a regional STEM presentation competition aimed at encouraging individuals to effectively communicate scientific ideas. The event featured a diverse array of 11 finalists, ranging from experienced professionals to dedicated Ph.D. scholars, showcasing the best and brightest in the field of science communication.


Ejjaz, a mere 19-year-old student enrolled in the Diploma in Information & Communication Technology programme at APU, made a compelling presentation titled, "The Colour of Your Clothes: More than Just a Fashion Sense." He explored the fascinating interplay between clothing colour and human psychology, shedding light on how fashion choices not only influence how others perceive us but also impact our self-image. 


Two other APU students — Moses Tung Yung Jian and Howard Ngu Wen Hao — were also among the 11 finalists. Moses addressed the critical issue of “Victim Mentality”, uncovering the psychological factors contributing to this mindset and its far-reaching impact on individual development and society. Howard, on the other hand, tackled the pressing topic of “Acknowledging the Threats of AI”, emphasising the significance of understanding and preparing for advancements in artificial intelligence.

Ms. Iman Danish, the students’ mentor and a lecturer from APU’s School of Foundation, commended the students, stating, "The three students' presentations were nothing short of impeccable. I noticed their ability to articulate complex concepts in an engaging and accessible manner captivated both the judges and the audience."

The accomplishments of Ejjaz, Howard and Moses is a testament to the high-quality education provided by APU, and serve as a resounding inspiration to all students.

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