7 Key Fields in Bioscience

Not quite sure what bioscience really means? Here are 7 bioscience specialisations you can study.

Published 20 May 2022

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Bioscience, in short, is the study of living organisms. It is a multidisciplinary field that is concerned with using biological knowledge to sustain, restore and improve the quality of life on this planet. As bioscience has advanced over the past decades, innovations in the field has proven that it has vast application potential.

Don’t believe us? Here are 7 super important fields in bioscience that are essential for the well being of everyone.

#1. Biomedical science


Want to work in the medical field? Going into medicine is not your only option. You can also consider biomedical science.

A field concerned with the study of the human body and its function in health and disease, biomedical science plays an important role in the medical and healthcare industry. Biomedical scientists conduct research and studies to help develop new treatments and therapies which can be used to improve the healthcare system.

While they may not appear as glamorous as a doctor, a biomedical scientist is equally as important. If you want to play your part in saving lives and improving the healthcare system, start with biomedical science.

#2. Biotechnology


If product development is your jam, then you might find biotechnology interesting. The field is all about the integration of living systems and organisms with cutting-edge tech to develop new products and technology.

It sounds complicated but at its essence, it basically combines biology and technology to create cool new things. Among some examples of biotechnology today include synthetic insulin, biodegradable plastics and even cheese!

Pursuing biotechnology will give you a chance to work in a vast array of industries including healthcare, agriculture, food science and many more. Its wide application and connection to many different disciplines makes it a great field to focus on.

#3. Biochemistry


Are you someone who always scores well in biology and chemistry? Then you would probably like biochemistry.

Biochemistry is a branch in bioscience that is concerned with exploring the chemical processes that happen in living organisms on a molecular level. It does so by drawing from fields such as chemistry, physics and molecular biology to unravel and understand how cells interact with each other to form cells, tissues and whole organisms.

The field has application potential in many fields. This includes medicine, food science, pharmaceutical science, agriculture and clinical chemistry. As such, pursuing this field will give you the opportunity to explore careers in a variety of fields.

#4. Food science


From canned meals and frozen food to milk that lasts a little longer — the food we eat today doesn’t just come out of nowhere. We have food science to thank for it.

A field that is focused on the study of the biological, physical and chemical makeup of food, food science takes from a wide range of scientific knowledge to develop and improve food products and production processes.

As a student in this discipline, you will be expected to have a strong foundation in science subjects such as chemistry, microbiology and biochemistry.

With food being an integral part of our society, food science as a field will only continue to grow in its importance. So if you’re looking for a field that will stay relevant for a very long time, you can definitely consider studying food science.

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#5. Bioinformatics


Want to use your tech savviness to change the world? Bioinformatics combines biology together with information technology to give structure to biological data, making it easier to study and learn from it.

The field uses a host of tools and computing science such as data mining, machine learning, pattern recognition and molecular modelling to manage and analyse large volumes of biological information. The analysis will then be used for an assortment of purposes including providing personalised medical care, driving new drug discovery and even preventing future diseases and illnesses. Its importance, therefore, cannot be overstated.

It’s a field that connects medicine to technology so if you’re a techie with a passion for a healthier society, this is the field for you.

#6. Microbiology


Fascinated by the world of microorganisms? Want to learn more about these tiny, invisible beings?

Microbiology is a discipline that specialises in studying microorganisms, the invisible, microscopic organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. This includes viruses, fungi, bacteria and algae, commonly referred to as microbes.

These microbes play an important role in maintaining a healthy global ecosystem. They play key roles in agriculture and the global food web, the control and containment of infectious disease and even in producing oxygen for the planet.

Naturally, the field is a basis to many important industries such as environmental science, food science and medical science. So if you’re curious about the microscopic world and its ecosystems, you should definitely consider microbiology.

#7. Environmental science


Want to save the environment? A field specifically about the study of the natural environment and how it interacts with living organisms, environmental science is a crucial tool in helping combat the growing climate crisis.

The field is primarily concerned with three things — it seeks to understand the environment and how it interacts with the organisms around it, investigate environmental changes, and develop solutions to help mitigate environmental issues such as biodiversity loss and pollution as well as climate change.

There’s only one Earth and its well-being determines the future of the human race. If you’re passionate about saving it, you can start by specialising in environmental science.

There’s still a lot more but these fields are a good introduction to the possibility that bioscience can bring. Whether you want to go into healthcare or you’re more passionate about developing the perfect cheese, bioscience has the programme for you.

Interested in studying bioscience? Here’s a guide to help you get started.

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