7 Genius Ways to Revamp your Study Room

Yes, because you study darn hard and you deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Updated 08 Jun 2016

7 Genius Ways to Revamp your Study Room - Feature-Image

It’s that time of the year again – a new academic semester is dawning upon us, a gleaming beginning, a fresh chapter.  Whether it’s your first day flaunting your Nike Air Max in the vicinity of a campus or you’re now a changed man with an unwavering pledge to right your wrongs (read: past study regrets, oh wait… more like ungodly procrastination), it’s an exhilarating time for everyone to draw on a clean slate!

Now, before you solemnly undertake to a barrage of lies aspirations – of never dragging your feet around assignment deadlines, professing the library as your new home, and upping your “A” game (yes, we’ve all been there) – consider channelling your oomph to cheer up your dreaded study space (#becausesuccessbeginsathometoo).

Have a peek at these seven ways that will whip your study space into a tip-top conducive learning environment.

#1. Pin up inspirational / motivational mantras

Let’s face it – grinding notes, reviewing algebraic formulas and flipping through cramming lengthy tomes can be… let’s just say a chore preordained duty that more often than not, would require an extra push.

Tack up some inspirational quotes to boost enthusiasm...

Image: Wall Words, Be Happy, Wall ArtImage: Wall Words, Be Happy, Wall Art

Perk up your own inspiration wall with DIY clipboards...

Image: Clipboard Memo, Clipboard Wall, Gold Clipboard CalendarImage: Clipboard Memo, Clipboard Wall, Gold Clipboard Calendar

Don't forget to grab some cool font-spiration here!

#2. Inject some colour

It’s 12 midnight. Even though you’ve binged on several jars of coffee, your energy is on a decidedly downward trend. You strive your utmost best to focus on wrapping up your assignment, but there’s something that’s soaking up your concentration energy.

The answer might be right in front of you – literally. That is, the colour of your wall. Because there is such a thing as the psychology of colour, and its impressive power to brainwash influence your mood!

Use calming greens for an aura of well-being, harmony and nature to boost your concentration...

Image: Half Green Wall, Tropical Wallpaper, Plants Desk, Green room, LeavesImage: Half Green Wall, Tropical Wallpaper, Plants desk, Green Room, Leaves

Or invigorating blues to enhance your creative thinking, while magnifying your cognitive performance (science said so)!

Image: Landscape, Steel Blue, Paint, Blue Decor, Ombre Shutters, Blue RoomImage: Landscape, Steel Blue, Paint, Blue Decor, Ombre Shutters, Blue Room

Waves of inspiration hitting you yet? 

#3. Flower (or plant) power

Yes, get your green thumb on. Bring life, sparkle, zing, soul, *insert your own adjective here* to your study arena by keeping a potted plant (or a few, #themorethemerrier).

Enter your latest study hack: greenery. Why? Because we all know there’s nothing quite like the brain-clearing effects of being drenched in nature. Aside from boosting productivity & concentration, reducing stress and improving air quality, desk plants are also visually charming (which is all that matters, #letsbehonest).

Try taking on some cacti and succulents, which are low maintenance and require minimal care...

Image: Keyboard, Desk #1, Succulents #1, Succulents #2Image: Keyboard, Desk #1, Succulents #1, Succulents #2

Not forgetting potted plants, of course!

Image: Shelf of Plants, Desk #1, Desk #2, Desk #3Image: Shelf of Plants, Desk #1, Desk #2, Desk #3

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#4. Keep track with a gigantic wall calendar

Yes, a larger-than-life chalkboard calendar that’ll take over your entire wall. All for one sole purpose: to empty your bag of excuses for unintentionally missing out on important dates (read: any academic-related deadlines).

In other words, you’ll have no basis to procrastinate anymore.

Chalkboards are magical, as they can be erased and rewritten effortlessly...

Image: Chalkboard #1, Chalkboard #2, Chalkboard #3Image: Chalkboard #1, Chalkboard #2, Chalkboard #3

Reuse, reuse and reuse again. 

For those who prefer it to be less in-your-face.

Image: Smaller Calendar, Chalkboard PaintImage: Smaller Calendar, Chalkboard Paint

Inspired? Learn how to DIY here!

#5. Tidy up your act

Take it from us: clearing away the clutter from your study space goes a long way in decluttering your mind. A desk that is struck by a chaotic tornado could be more than a hiding spot for eyeglasses and a breeding ground for piles – it could very well be destroying your productivity too.

Have an organised notes station to keep your favourite subjects on track...

Image: Folder Organiser, Desk OrganiserImage: Folder Organiser, Desk Organiser

Use binder clips to hold down USB cables and detangle cords...

Image: Gold Binder Clips, Binder Clip HackImage: Gold Binder Clips, Binder Clip Hack

Or consider these vertical files to organise and keep everything at an arm's reach!

Image: White Folders, Black FoldersImage: White Folders, Black Folders

#6. Let there be light

Ensure good lighting by filling up your study space with natural light. All those hours spent staring into the soul of an artificially-lit computer screen? Yeah, natural light is a great way to counteract those artificial radiations. Other perks include a bump in happiness, alertness and productivity.

Usher in natural light by opting for translucent shades or sheer curtains...

Image: #1, #2, #3Image: #1, #2, #3

Or place a mirror opposite your window for an extra burst of natural light.

Image: Mirror #1, Mirror #2, Mirror #3Image: Mirror #1, Mirror #2, Mirror #3


Brightly-lit spaces encourage critical thinking, while dimly-lit spaces evoke a sense of freedom that’s ideal for brainstorming and idea generation.

#7. Spice up your wallpaper

Sometimes (read: many times), you just need a good kick in the bum to get going. That said, we’d all be pretty sore if it happened every time we needed that extra jolt.

Instead, have a menacing motivational message stare right back at you – every second, minute and hour of the day.

Image: PinterestImage: Pinterest

Image: Wallpapercave #1Image: Wallpapercave #1

Image: Wallpapercave #2Image: Wallpapercave #2

Whether you’re a freshie or a self-proclaimed senior, the reality is that you will be cranking all day to brace through college. And though you might occasionally dread marching through the halls of knowledge, your space doesn’t have to be barren, cold or devoid of personality.

With our two cents above, fingers crossed that you’ll be able to bring some beauty into your desk life and have more reasons to enjoy cracking the books!

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