6 Techy Things You Couldn’t Have Done if It Wasn’t for COVID-19

Have you ever noticed how technology has improved ever since the pandemic? Check out these 6 things you can do now that you thought were impossible

Updated 19 Aug 2021

6 Techy Things You Couldn’t Have Done if It Wasn’t for COVID-19 - Feature-Image

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many of us have had to adjust to living in the “new normal”. That means making changes to our social lives, working conditions, leisure and community involvement and education.

But that’s not the end of days. With modern advances in technology and a little tweaking in our apps, there are plenty of things we can do now that we thought we couldn’t. From having an at-home cinema to an indoor gym, here are a few ways the pandemic has changed how we use technology for the better.

#1. You get to experience cool online learning platforms


With many educational institutions having to close due to safety concerns, the education industry has had to adapt quickly. This paved way for the massive adoption of online learning — something that would have taken much longer had it not been for the pandemic.

While many may be familiar with learning management systems such as Moodle and conducting online classes through Zoom, what has changed with the pandemic is how courses with a practical component (e.g. science-based modules) have gone virtual.

Taylor’s University’s School of Biosciences, for instance, have been utilising virtual labs to create an immersive environment for students to practise lab techniques. In the same vein, Manipal University College Malaysia (formerly known as Melaka-Manipal Medical College) set up fully-digitalised lab facilities that include 3D online models and an extended reality experience.

These creative initiatives have allowed students to continue their education journey without compromising on quality.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

BSc (Hons) in Computer Science

Dual-award degree – one from De Montfort University (UK) and one from APU

#2. Your living room is now an indoor gym 


As the pandemic called for stricter guidelines, gyms had no choice but to shut their doors. But this didn’t stop people from embracing a fitter lifestyle despite being confined to the spaces of their home.

With technology, personal trainers have taken their services online by live-streaming their classes. Whether it’s through Zoom conference or Instagram live, people have been creative with adapting their exercise regime. Now you don’t even have to hit the gym — just throw a yoga mat on the floor and you’re ready to break a sweat!

The best part is, you can replay the “work-in” choreography whenever you want, so there’s no excuse to skip it!

#3. You can plan your college education with a virtual education fair

Visiting physical fairs is already stressful enough but with the current climate, it’s probably still too soon to join the crowds. However, this doesn’t mean that you should put your study plans on hold.

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#4. You can host watch parties online


With lockdowns and movement restrictions, many are finding it difficult to spend quality time together, whether with friends or family.

But thanks to technology, you can now watch movies online together — even while social distancing. Enter Teleparty, a cool Chrome extension that synchronises video playback on Netflix so that everyone can watch the same show at the same time. Not only that, you can even chat with your friends in the sidebar while the video is playing. How cool is that?

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

BSc (Hons) in Computer Science

Dual-award degree – one from De Montfort University (UK) and one from APU

#5. You can enjoy Blackpink and other top artistes in a virtual concert


Ever had a FOMO (fear of missing out) moment when you couldn’t watch your favourite artistes perform live? With concerts being cancelled, musicians all over the world are taking matters into their own hands by organising virtual concerts for at-home viewing — unthinkable in a time before the pandemic.

From the iconic Elton John’s living room concert to pop star Billie Eilish performing from her couch and even the K-pop sensation Blackpink, artistes and bands have taken the virtual stage to platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and Instagram Live. Not only will you be able to sing your heart’s content, but you’ll also have the whole room to yourself!

#6. You can now save a trip to the wet market


Before this, companies such as Grab used to focus on food delivery for restaurants. But now, many are not just joining the bandwagon, they’re also getting creative with their services!

E-hailing companies, courier services and even grocery stores and are going the extra mile by offering delivery services for groceries and other household essentials. Wet markets are also moving their businesses online by doing door-to-door services and Petaling Street traders worked with Shopee to go online during Chinese New Year. Not only that, apps such as Pasar are making it easier for you to have your fresh foods readily available when needed as well as giving small merchants the opportunity to thrive in the pandemic.

And there you have it — 6 ways technology has benefited us in this trying time. There’s no doubt that technology will continue to advance, increasing convenience and solving problems for people in the near future.

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