Taylor’s June Special Semester 2020 Helps You Stay on Track With Your Education Plans 

Worried about your education plans? Don’t be. Taylor’s is offering a June Special Semester 2020 to help you get on track. Read more here. 

Updated 21 Apr 2020

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“Will I be able to get into college or will I have to defer my studies for one whole year? Will this affect my pre-university plans and subsequently, my university goals?”

As schools around the world close their doors to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, you’re probably worried about how this will affect the education plan you’ve carefully plotted out for yourself. 

In light of the delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent MCO, Taylor’s College and Taylor’s University will be offering a June Special Semester 2020 to ensure that students are not left behind in their studies.

Interested? Read on more to find out. 

When is the special semester?

Taylor’s June Special Semester 2020 will commence on 8 June 2020, with orientation happening on 8 – 9 June and classes beginning two days later on 10 June 2020. 

What programmes are available?

The following programmes will be offered as part of the Taylor’s June Special Semester 2020:

  • Cambridge A Level
  • SACE International
  • Foundation in Computing
  • Foundation in Arts
  • Foundation in Communication
  • Foundation in Design
  • Foundation in Engineering
  • Foundation in Science
  • Foundation in Natural & Built Environments
  • Foundation in Business
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Management
  • All Bachelor’s Degree programmes except for the American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) and the Bachelor of Pharmacy (you can opt for a Bachelor of Biotechnology first and transfer the next semester)

Why should you sign up?

  • Enrolling for the June special semester will mean that your studies will not be severely stalled due to the virus outbreak
  • If you are choosing to study SACE International, you’ll be on the same trajectory as your peers who started in March 2020
  • Taylor's has a comprehensive online learning platform and teaching strategy, allowing you to continue with your studies regardless of the circumstances. Explore a world of resources at the e-library or revisit your lessons through ReWind.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start planning your future at Taylor’s! 

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