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3 Jul 2019

Taylor’s College Students Deepen Understanding of Economics Through SACEi Economics Awareness Day

On 21 June 2019, students of the Foundation in Business and SACE International programme at Taylor’s College participated in the college’s annual Economics Awareness Day. Held at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, the programme was launched with the aim to provide a platform for students to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of the Malaysian and Australian economic systems, focusing on price intervention policies.

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During the event, students demonstrated their ability to apply various economics concepts, knowledge and skills via a special exhibition featuring posters, PowerPoint presentations and activities such as games and Q&A sessions.

An essay writing competition was also open to students studying economics in other pre-university programmes, in order to get them to understand how the awareness of the impact of economic forces on consumer behaviour can benefit society.

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The Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, YB Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, was a special guest on the day and managed to share some insights on the initiatives being carried out by the ministry to control the price of goods within the country.

Impressed by the creativity showcased on the Economics Awareness Day, he added that his officers will also look into the suggestions given by fellow students and vowed to continuously consider the voices of the youths when framing national policies for a better country.

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