Soaring High with INTEC Education College

A night of celebration, INTEC Education College kicked off its INTEC Student Awards 2016 ceremony to honour outstanding achievements.

Updated 24 Oct 2018

Soaring High with INTEC Education College - Feature-Image

A much-touted annual event, the INTEC Student Awards 2016 ceremony once again returned this year with a bang to recognise students who have made outstanding achievements in both academic and co-curriculum realms.


The much-anticipated event which was held on 12th of October at its own campus in Section 17, Shah Alam kick started with a series of musical pieces helmed by the brilliant traditional Malay orchestra club of INTEC Education College. With thrilled students waiting in excitement and fellow guests arriving, the ambience of the hall was further fuelled by contemporary renditions such as Adele’s Rolling in the Deep that garnered roaring cheers.


Marking the yearly award with the theme, “Terbang”, students and lecturers were donned in hues of blues, illustrating the crystal blue sky of optimism that students embrace in order to seal their dream of studying abroad.  Indeed, the sky is the only limit as students were also inspired by videos of INTEC’s alumni who made it on foreign soil.


An evening of celebrations, remarkable students were bestowed with four types of awards: Academic Excellence Award, Club & Society Awards, Residential Awards and last but not least, Chief Executive Award. Striving to boost student’s motivation to emerge as an all-rounder graduate, everyone was in fact, in high spirits as nominations and results were revealed.

As the event drew its curtain, guests were entertained with more in-house musical performances by fellow INTEC students. An avenue to nurture graduates who are mentally, physically and spiritually geared, INTEC tailors a holistic and comprehensive curriculum in its academic programmes, merging academic, soft skills as well as spiritual elements.

As INTEC Education College continues to ascend, we look forward to yet another INTEC Student Awards Ceremony next year.

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