6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss EduAdvisor's Virtual Education Fair

Looking for an alternative to the traditional education fair? Here are 6 solid reasons why you should ditch boring convention halls and head online to experience our EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair!

Updated 12 May 2021

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With major exams coming to an end, it’s time for education fair season!

This is when you’ll weigh your options and determine the best tertiary institution for you; however, this fate-deciding process is no walk in the park. It requires a lot of research that even traditional education fairs may not be able to help you with, without completely tiring you out.

Looking for an alternative to the traditional education fair? Here are 6 solid reasons why you should ditch boring convention halls and head online to our EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair!

#1. You’ll get the best education pathway

Reasons Why You Shouldnt Miss VEF-Get The Best Education Pathway

It’s colleges and universities galore at our online education fair, where you get to learn more about an institution immediately. Our EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair will showcase the country’s most reputable and credible institutions too, so rest assured you’ll be embarking on the best academic pathway for you.

#2. Win scholarships and prizes!

Reasons Why You Shouldnt Miss VEF-Win Scholarships and Prizes

Unlike those meh education fairs you trudge to, our EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair is so much more fun because you can get rewarded for every every interaction you make!


Gain points for registering and logging in to the fair, taking our quizzes (which are infinitely useful as part of your college search), chatting with university counsellors and tuning in to our live webinars.

Top scorers stand a chance to win scholarships, Instax cameras and more!

#3. Get dedicated one-on-one chats with college reps

Reasons Why You Shouldnt Miss VEF-Chat With College Reps

Queueing up for bowls of good food isn't new to Malaysians, but we're happy to do that only for things we like. When it comes to standing in line to have a brief chat with an institution rep at an education fair, that's just no fun.

At our Virtual Education Fair, each institution's virtual booth has live chat services so you can easily interact with a rep through text, audio or video to get a better sense of the info they're conveying. All while you sit comfortably at your desk or bed.

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#4. Listen to industry experts at our live webinars

Reasons Why You Shouldnt Miss VEF-Webinar

Are you at a loss about what your next step should be? Not sure what questions to ask when chatting with university counsellors?

We’ve got you covered with our live webinar series. Happening twice a day throughout the duration of the fair, listen to experts speak about a wide range of topics, including how to successfully apply for top scholarships, your options after secondary school and exploring careers in medicine, health sciences, law and more.

Not only that but you’ll also get to engage with them and ask questions — all in the comfort of your own home.

#5. Take free career and personality tests

Reasons Why You Shouldnt Miss VEF-Career and personality tests

Should you be a doctor or a lawyer? A journalist or an engineer? While passion is crucial, your personality can also determine whether your choice of degree is right for you.

That’s where personality tests can come in handy. Understanding who you are and your personality type can have a great impact on how successful you are in your career. You’re more likely to experience higher levels of job satisfaction and meaning at work if it’s a job that caters to your strengths.

At our Virtual Education Fair, you’ll have the opportunity to take a number of free career quizzes and tests. Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and see what courses are suitable for you.

#6. Bragging rights for experiencing an exciting event

Reasons Why You Shouldnt Miss VEF-Experience Exiting Events

The only Instagram Story you’ll post if you attend a traditional education fair will be your tired face after it’s over or the mile-high stack of brochures you accumulated. It’s not really something you want to show you’re doing on a bright and happy weekend.

But here’s what you can brag about online when you attend our EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair — the very fact that you’re at a virtual education fair, screenshots of your top position on the gamified leaderboards, as well as the cool virtual exhibition hall and booths.

Way to go for being one of the insiders to Malaysia’s first-of-its-kind virtual education fair!

There you go, 6 undeniable reasons why you should join our EduAdvisor Virtual Education Fair. It’s such an easier and better way to take charge of your education. See you there!

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