Learn How To Appear Confident in Front of the Camera Straight From the Expert With Taylor’s The Risers

Wondering how you can shine in front of the camera. Learn straight from the expert with The Risers’ “Confidence on camera and beyond” workshop.

Updated 27 Apr 2022

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Nowadays, the ability to be confident in front of the camera is crucial. After all, so many of today’s popular websites are video and picture-based. And in an age where online classes and remote work are quickly becoming popular alternatives, being able to present in front of the camera is a given.

But what happens when you’re not someone who’s naturally confident when placed in front of a lens? How do you appear confident and natural?

This 23 April 2022, join TV host and journalist, Victoria Ong, as she shares her secret to staying confident and being comfortable in front of the camera. Brought to you by Taylor’s The Risers, the workshop, titled “Confidence on camera and beyond”, is a great opportunity for you to work on improving yourself.

Interested? Keep on reading to learn more.

When and where?

Date: 23 April 2022 (Saturday)

Time: 10am – 12pm

Venue: Register for the workshop here.

Why should you attend?

Looking for more reasons to join? Register for the workshop for a chance to:

  • Learn the secret to being confident in front of the camera straight from the professional
  • Explore Taylor’s very own The Risers, a student community meant to empower you
  • Pick up a crucial skill that can set you apart from other graduates
  • Discover how you can embrace your strengths to rise above the competition and find your niche

Camera-shy? Learn to overcome your weakness and gain a new skill with The Risers’ “Confidence on camera and beyond” workshop.

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