INTEC SACEi Achievement- Feature 02
28 Dec 2018

INTEC Education College Students Achieve Outstanding SACE International Exam Results With the Only Students in Asia to Score A+

Students from INTEC Education College have once again proved to be a pioneer of excellence with their outstanding performance in the 2018 SACE International examination. The college has achieved a 100% pass in the South Australian exam and the highest ATAR of 99.25 scored by student, Teh Xin Yi.

Teh Xin Yi and Muhammad Fariz Kaim Mohd Faisal Kaim are also the only two students in Asia to have scored A+ in the subjects of Specialist Mathematics and Malay Background Speakers respectively.

The SACE International students from INTEC also received merits for three subjects — English as an Additional Language, Specialist Mathematics and Malay (Background Speakers) whereas more than half of the students who sat for the examination achieved grades of A+ to B+.

In addition to these feats, 64% of the students obtained ATAR 80 and above (Yippie!).

EduAdvisor congratulates all SACE International students from INTEC Education College on their impeccable achievement!

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