INTEC Education College Opens Its Doors to International Students

INTEC Education College is now accepting international students! Find out more here.

Updated 14 Feb 2018

INTEC Opens Its Doors to International Students - Feature-Image

After over 36 years of operations and producing well-rounded graduates, INTEC Education College is now accepting international students to its campus!

Here, students will be spoilt for choice as the institution offers various pre-university programmes, including A-Level, American Degree Transfer Program and SACE International, on top of Korean and Japanese preparatory programmes to help you prepare for overseas study.

INTEC also offers a range of job-oriented diploma courses, such as a Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Public Management and Governance and Diploma in Scientific Halal Practices.

That’s not all — you can also study globally recognised professional accountancy courses such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) programme at its professional accountancy centre, IPAC Education, which was recently certified as an ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner. Their students have achieved an overall result of 20% – 30% above the world’s passing rate in 2016.

INTEC’s campus is located in Shah Alam, which is one of the most developed state capitals in the country and is minutes away from major towns like Klang and Subang Jaya.

The campus is also surrounded by a range of amenities, making it a convenient and student-friendly environment.

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