Asia Pacific University (APU) Unveils Malaysia’s First Cybersecurity Talent Zone

Interested in becoming a cybersecurity professional? Asia Pacific University has just unveiled Malaysia's first Cybersecurity Talent Zone!

Updated 20 Apr 2020

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Are you intrigued by the complex world of cyber threats and digital footprints?

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) has recently unveiled Malaysia’s first Cybersecurity Talent Zone on 5 October 2018 as part of its efforts to develop talents in the fields of cybersecurity, forensics and internet of things (IoT).

This is in response to the growing demand by the industry for technically-competent cybersecurity professionals, where cybersecurity talent demand in Malaysia is forecasted to hit 10,500 by 2020.

To achieve this significant milestone, APU has worked closely with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and also struck partnerships with local and international industry experts, including Protection Group International LTD (PGI) from the UK, Cyber Test Systems from France and TecForte Sdn Bhd from Malaysia.

What’s so great about the Cybersecurity Talent Zone?

The Cybersecurity Talent Zone features a number of facilities equipped with advanced technologies and tools, including:

  • Security Operations Centre: This is where students can have hands-on cybersecurity experience, letting them analyse cyberattacks and plan counteractive measures.
  • Cyber Threats Simulation and Response Centre: Furnished with equipment of RM2.4 million in value, this centre simulates highly sophisticated cyberattacks in a realistic environment so that students can practise and formulate defence strategies.
  • Centre for Research and Development in IoT: This centre features an array of IoT-enabled devices, where students can attend workshops and lectures as well as conduct research to develop IoT solutions.
  • Forensic Mock Court: This mock court allows students to peek into the real-world practices of forensic evidence presentation, where they can present the findings of their cybersecurity investigation.

Thanks to APU and its strategic partnerships, we hope to see Malaysia producing the next generation of highly-skilled cyber defenders that will benefit academia, businesses, service providers and the government!

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