APU Shines Bright at the MDEC PDTI Awards

APU solidifies its reputation by bagging multiple awards at the recent MDEC PDTI Awards, achieving wins in Outstanding Faculty Award, Best Student–Individual Award and Best Faculty Member Award.

Updated 26 May 2023


Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), one of the leading technology-focused universities in Malaysia, has solidified its reputation by bagging multiple awards at the recent Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Premier Digital Tech Institution (PDTI) Awards. 

The university achieved notable recognition in several categories including Outstanding Faculty Award, Best Student–Individual Award and Best Faculty Member Award, a testament to its strength and dedication to excellence. These accolades showcase APU's commitment to fostering a thriving academic environment, nurturing exceptional talents and maintaining high standards of teaching and research. 

Four of APU’s schools — School of Computing (SoC), the School of Technology (SoT), the School of Engineering (SoE) and the School of Media, Arts and Design (SoMAD — were collectively given the MDEC PDTI Outstanding Faculty Award. This was due to a slew of awards won by students and staff, as well as APU’s impressive employability rates.

As for the Best-Student Award, Dooshyant Rai Kallychurn, a Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics, was accorded 2nd place. His achievements in winning a Gold in Connecting Academia Society & Industry Alliance Competition, Silver at International Invention, Innovation and Design Expo and another Silver at International Research and Symposium and Exposition (RISE) was what bagged him the win. 

To round off the awards, Ts. Dr. Siti Azreena, Senior Lecturer from APU’s School of Computing, was among the academics who were honoured under the “Best Faculty Member” category. Dr. Siti Azreena's notable accomplishments in her career included her efforts and success in ensuring a higher degree of industry immersion and innovation in teaching/learning, particularly in her pet subject area of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR). 

Commenting on APU’s wins, Dr. Vinesh Thiruchelvam, Chief Innovation & Enterprise Officer, APU, said, “To achieve this, we continuously strengthen our unique model of outcome-based education that prioritises the transformation of our students into highly employable professionals, while our industry partners consistently play an active role in quality assurance, curriculum and content development and student mentoring.” 

“Besides providing students with real-life projects that help them develop their skills, our industry partners also offer academic staff valuable exposure to industry practices. In this regard, APU’s eight innovation and technology centres on campus have completed projects based on research and industry applications through these industry collaborations,” he added.

The university's success in the MDEC PDTI Awards further reinforces its position as a leading institution in Malaysia, known for its focus on technology-driven education and its contributions to the digital economy.

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