18 Mar 2022

What A Level Subjects Go Well Together? Top A Level Subject Combinations Universities Prefer

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So, you have your heart set on pursuing A Level. Deemed as the ‘gold-standard’ of pre-university qualifications, the Cambridge A Level programme possesses the power to open doors to an impressive variety of degrees and universities in many countries around the world.

However, the strength of your A Level qualification doesn’t just come down to determination and hard work. It’s also largely dictated by the subjects you take, which can affect your university applications.

Well, you don’t have to scratch your head to figure out which subject to take. In this article, we list the top A Level subject combinations based on popular degree courses so you can make the right decisions.

#1. For the aspiring doctor and healthcare professional


Recommended subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics or Physics

Got your heart set on pursuing a career in the medical and healthcare industry? Whether you aspire to be a doctor, a dentist or a pharmacist, having a strong science background is crucial to ensure your foundation is set.

In fact, almost every healthcare-related degree (e.g. medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, optometry, dietetics) requires a combination of chemistry and biology, with mathematics and physics being interchangeable. These subjects are critical in developing your analytical and investigative skills, as well as your ability to draw sound conclusions.

If you’re more interested in the research side of the healthcare field, this combination is also perfect for those who want to pursue biochemistry, biomedical science, biotechnology, medical biotechnology and bioinformatics.

#2. For the future-forward tech enthusiast and computer scientist


Recommended subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or Further Mathematics

The rise of digitalisation has brought forth a demand for a variety of tech jobs such as application developers, blockchain developers and cybersecurity specialists. If you’re looking to pursue tech-related degrees such as computer science, information technology (IT), cybersecurity or software engineering, this subject combination is perfect for you.

On its own, mathematics is generally a highly regarded A Level subject that gives you access to a wide range of courses. Combining the subject with physics, computer science or further mathematics will transform you into a powerhouse, clearly showcasing your numerical and logical skills. It also helps to develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills, both of which are transferable to any career.

#3. For the analytical data scientist 


Recommended subjects: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Computer Science or Economics

Thanks to the rise of the digital economy, data science has become one of the top growing fields in the 21st century. In fact, there is a reported increase in demand for data analysts, machine learning engineers, artificial intelligence (AI) engineers and big data engineers.

To flourish in a degree in data science, actuarial science or mathematics, consider the above recommended subjects. On top of providing you with a solid foundation in mathematical modelling and prediction, your double mathematics will also invite creative and original thinking as well as hone your problem solving skills.

#4. For the innovative engineer and architect


Recommended subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Further Mathematics or Chemistry

If you’re planning to showcase your mathematical skills in areas such as engineering and architecture, consider this powerful subject combination.

Whether you’re pursuing civil, electrical or mechanical engineering, physics and mathematics are a must in A Level. Not only do you require it to understand basic physics theories that underpin engineering, but it also enhances your ability to problem solve and think logically and intellectually. Your numerical skills will also come in handy in your degree.

Want to pursue chemical engineering? Consider replacing further mathematics with chemistry. It also keeps the natural sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry) undergraduate pathway open in case you’re interested in going in a different route.

As for architecture, these subjects show universities that you have an understanding of the basic principles of architecture. You’ll need mathematics and physics to measure how forces impact buildings, to grasp the scale of a build in design work and to accurately estimate the quantities of materials required in a build.

#5. For the trailblazing entrepreneur and accountant


Recommended subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies or Accounting

Have your sights set on the dazzling world of business, finance or entrepreneurship? This subject combo is ideal for those who want to make their mark in accounting, finance, economics, entrepreneurship and business.

The accounting and business studies subjects will give you good foundational knowledge in the subject matter, giving you a glimpse of what’s to come in your degree. Economics, on the other hand, will teach you how to interpret and communicate ideas and judgements clearly. These are qualities that are highly valued by both universities and employers.

#6. For the observant psychologist 


Recommended subjects: Psychology, Mathematics, Chemistry or Economics

Psychology is a popular course as it allows you to gain a wide range of skills and gives you the flexibility to explore various career paths. If you’ve got your eyes set on studying psychology, consider these subjects for your A Level.

For starters, taking psychology is essential to set a foundation for your degree. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of the field, but you’ll also gain insights on human behaviour and how society functions as a whole. The combination of chemistry and economics will provide you with the added knowledge in both science and arts, ultimately making you an all-arounder.

While mathematics isn’t entirely necessary, it will come in handy as statistics and data analysis are heavily featured in a psychology degree. Not to mention that it’s a highly regarded subject that can gain you entry to almost any course should you change your mind!

#7. For the quick-witted lawyer


Recommended subjects: Law, English Literature, Economics

In case you didn’t know, A Level is the go-to pre-university programme for budding lawyers. The in-depth curriculum and exam-based structure makes it the perfect choice since the legal profession requires vast amounts of reading.

With A Level Law, you’ll cover the basics of law where you’ll learn about the legal system, criminal law and law of contract and tort. As for English literature, you’ll be developing skills in text analysis that will help you with your law studies, while economics will teach you how to clearly communicate ideas and judgements.

The combination of all 3 subjects will easily make you a whip-smart lawyer!

#8. For the creative journalist and content creator


Recommended subjects: Psychology, English Literature, Business or Law

Have you got a knack for journalism? Do you take pride in your presentation and communication abilities? Perhaps you consider yourself an all-around creative person. Either way, mass communication sounds like the perfect degree for you.

The combination of psychology, English literature and business or law may seem odd at first glance for a communication degree, but hear us out.

When it comes to advertising, marketing and public relations, understanding consumer behaviour and psyche are crucial for effective communication. And with the rise of social media, content creators, influencers and online streamers all need to be aware of viewer patterns and preferences to target the right audience. This is where psychology comes in as the subject covers consumer psychology.

On the other hand, subjects like law and English literature will sharpen your writing and text analysis skills while business will allow you to examine the process of decision-making in a dynamic environment.

BONUS: For the well-rounded multipotentialitea-level-subject-combination-v02-multipotentialite

  • Recommended science subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology / Physics / Economics
  • Recommended art subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Psychology or Law

Are you torn between degrees? Perhaps you have many interests and haven’t decided which path to take. Don’t worry, that’s precisely why you should choose A Level.

If you studied Science subjects in SPM and scored good grades, take mathematics, chemistry and choose one from biology, physics and economics. Having these core subjects will keep your options open and allow you to pursue a wide range of science degrees once you complete your A Level.

If you’re an Arts stream student in SPM, choose mathematics, economics, psychology or law. This subject mix will highlight your numeracy and analytical skills, presentation and communication skills, as well as your ability to understand human behaviour. Not only will you thrive in business-related degrees such as accounting, finance and marketing but degree courses such as psychology, mass communication and hospitality will be open to you.

With the right support and quality education, pursuing your A Level shouldn’t be challenging at all. Here’s why you should choose Taylor’s College to study A Level.


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